Outfitting and staging your cabin is an important factor to make your income property rent the most number of days possible.

There are certain ways to make your cabin increase in overnight rental income, along with overall value.

Fact: Income comes directly from the amount of days a property is rented during a year.

Several factors determine the number of days that affect visitors’ choices of cabins:

  • Supply and Demand – The amount of visitors to the area and number of cabins available to accommodate the visitors.
  • Quality of Accommodations – The choice of the visitors for one cabin over another, including cabin feel, coziness, cleanliness, etc.
  • Amenities in the cabin – View, sleep capacity, theater room, games, hot tub, and access to an area pool.
  • Surrounding Area – Visitors have particular desires for the area where they want to stay. The cabin needs to be close to area activities, theme parks, theater shows, rides, etc.