Finding a Place to Call Home

Have you often talked about having a vacation home for you, your family, and your friends where the beautiful Smoky Mountains are the backdrop? A vacation home can be a dedicated place for all your closest family and friends to meet for relaxation from the rush of work, school and all that causes life stress.

Home when retirement comes

When work is finished and you can say it’s time to enjoy life a little while, have you dreamed of living on the side of a mountain or on rolling hills? Imagine the joy of waking up every morning to see amazing mountain scenery as you spend your retirement surrounded by rich natural beauty.

A place for family vacations and pays for itself

Invest in real estate to be your annual vacation cabin,  but the rest of the year it pays for itself. It is personally or professionally managed and used by admiring guests. Investing in real property that can be sold after years of paying down the principal part of the loan, watching equity grow and bringing in some extra income as well, the investor is in a win-win position with the investment. The investor can be YOU.

Add to your family’s assets and income

Did you know it’s possible to purchase an investment property with your IRA or 401(k) retirement savings? If you don’t have cash, but you have retirement savings, you can use it for investment purposes. If you’ve saved and you wonder how you will gain income from the very low interest rates these days, there is an alternative, tax free way to gain retirement income from your retirement funds. We know how it’s done. We’ve done it.

It is not too good to be true when you work with Theresa Norman. Her team can help you find the perfect cabin that meets all the criteria of your family or your investment goals.

Look at Our Cabins where you can see what our family is managing now.

Contact us today, and let us help you find your dream home amidst that homes for sale in the Smoky Mountains.