Theresa Norman, experienced Smoky Mountain real estate agent and investorTheresa’s Real Estate Background

Our parents were in the real estate business for over 40 year, both as real estate agents and investors.  They were involved in over 1,000 real estate transactions as real estate agents, owned up to 28 homes at one time and bought and sold over 100 investment properties. Fortunate for us, we learned a lot from them.

Our Florida Real Estate Experience

We began buying properties in the Vero Beach, FL, area in 2012.

My husband and I have had a total of 20 properties at one time as annual rentals and overnight rentals in TN. In FL we owned 14 single family home annual rental properties as well as managed those properties. We have sold many of the FL homes and invested in TN overnight rental properties.

Our Tennessee Real Estate Experience

After investing in Florida properties, we decided to diversify by spending some time investing in Eastern Tennessee, where we love the Smoky Mountain scenery and the idea of overnight rental cabins.

We have owned 7 overnight rental properties in the Great Smoky Mountain vacation area hotspots, including Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, and Sevierville, TN. Click on the “Our Cabins” tab and see some of our properties. With the 2016 Eastern Tennessee Wildfires, our two largest cabins were destroyed, leaving empty lots. Seeing opportunities other than rebuilding on the same lots at that time, we purchased two additional lots and will rebuild on all four lots when the time is economically advantageous.

During the years since the fires, with the bullish markets, we decided to sell three overnight rental cabins. The unfortunate circumstances of the wildfires have turned around loss outcomes and we were able to see a great increase from these sales.

We purchased another lot and built a brand-new cabin and are in the process of selling it. Gained knowledge and experience from owning cabins was used in building this new cabin. We are very confident guests will enjoy all the special features we added and the new owners will enjoy the income. We have already received positive comments from guests. After this cabin closes, we will be ready to build another overnight rental cabin for guests to enjoy.

Why Smoky Mountains Investment Properties?

The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the #1 visited national park in the U.S. and the number of vacation rental days is extremely high,  maximizing rental income on all cabins used for rental income.

We met our initial real estate investment goals in a few years and are actively helping others understand how real estate can be a portion of their overall investment plan.

It’s important to note that every real estate purchase is an investment whether you use it as a primary residence, second home or as a rental property.

Our Past Experiences

In the process of investing we have flipped homes, purchased foreclosures and short sales, renovated homes, and purchased a property using retirement funds through a self-directed IRA.

Besides having a real estate license for Tennessee and Florida, one of the tools in my life skills belt is a Master’s Degree in Counseling where I have honed my skills as a good listener and gained the ability to put together an action plan to meet my customers’ needs.

Having a realtor that has been directly involved in so many facets of the industry is very unique and enables me to provide key insights into how to prepare a property for sale as a listing agent, how to find the right property for a buyer, to prepare an offer as a buyer’s agent. Along with working with buyers and sellers, I can help them understand how to prepare and manage a property for an annual lease or a vacation rental property.

In Tennessee I work with Prime Mountain Properties. You may want a property in Eastern Tennessee where the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is to invest in an overnight rental. I will help you reach your goal of a personal cabin for your family vacations or a retirement cabin, or an investment cabin where vacationers come more than 10 months of the year for vacations.

In Florida I work with The Virtual Realty Group. If you want a property in Florida as a primary residence, secondary residence or annual rental, call me and I will help you reach your goal.