1. Investing From Across the Country

    If you don’t live in the town you want to invest in (few do), then how do you handle working out the best investment for your money? This problem has plagued investors since the beginning of patronage centuries ago, but the solution is still the same: Work with someone local that you can trust. Developing & Maintaining Local Contacts Everything is more difficult when you’re far away. Even …Read More

  2. The Future of Gatlinburg is Now

    In our previous blog, we wrote briefly about the potential bounce that investment property values can see this summer. As we stated before, the time is now to invest in your Smoky Mountains cabin or other rental property; today, we’ll show you some of the signs that the window to invest affordably in Gatlinburg is closing - fast. Seizing Opportunity From the Ashes With around 100 properties bein…Read More

  3. Gatlinburg & Smoky Mountains Tourism Will Prevail

    “Down, but not out.” Even that may be an overstatement, if you were to ask those of us that live and own investment property in Gatlinburg or the Smoky Mountains. Down, maybe momentarily, but certainly not out of the tourism industry. In fact, less than 2 months after the fire that nearly rampaged Gatlinburg, we can already see signs of a much brighter tomorrow. The Time Is Now Read the Signs …Read More

  4. What To Look For In Cabins For Sale

    Searching for a cabin in the Smokies can be a challenge, especially if you or your agent does not know what to look for in a truly great cabin. While it may seem simple enough, the factors that determine the whys behind what a property is worth, could be worth, and will be worth are wildly complicated depending upon the exact location and orientation of the property. Navigating this requires exper…Read More

  5. Why Invest In The Smoky Mountains?

    Those looking for a path to retirement, an investment they can see and feel, and certainly those that already love the Smoky Mountains have been investing in Smoky Mountain cabins for generations. For those unsure about whether or not to pull the trigger on real estate investing, we’ll share with you some of the reasons as to why the Smokies may be your best bet. Smoky Mountain Tourism Profits R…Read More