If you don’t live in the town you want to invest in (few do), then how do you handle working out the best investment for your money? This problem has plagued investors since the beginning of patronage centuries ago, but the solution is still the same: Work with someone local that you can trust.

Developing & Maintaining Local Contacts

Everything is more difficult when you’re far away. Even if we can check in a property from across the country and get a phone call immediately when a security violation occurs, that isn’t the same as being there and seeing issues before they become problems. The key to having eyes and ears on the ground begins and ends with trust.

Find Your Property Management

Many Smoky Mountains investors that we work with have already made arrangements with a property management company that specializes in the type of cabin or rental they’re looking at, even before they’ve finalized the purchase of the property. This type of connection is the least risky, as it turns the operational control of the property over to an experienced local professional, leaving you only to operate as the owner and financial beneficiary of the property’s income. While there is a little more involvement than putting up your heels and collecting your paycheck, a good Smoky Mountains property manager will make it pretty close to that easy on you.

Make Real Contacts

When you visit your Gatlinburg or Smoky Mountains property, always be sure to meet as many people as you can. Start with your neighbors, specifically the owners of the property if at all possible, to learn what they do for things like maintenance, landscaping, and more. Ideally, you should look to meet at least one of your investment property’s neighbors before you finalize the purchase of the property to learn the unique challenges of that area and get a good feel for what operating costs look like, plus you may find yourself with a leg up on who to call for the services you’ll need.

Get the Absolute Best Agent

Before you can begin with a great gardener or the best possible property manager, you need to find the perfect property. We shouldn’t need to remind you, but you likely aren’t a bona fide expert on Smoky Mountains investment properties; you’ll need the help of an experienced investor and local real estate agent that understands the market. By working with Theresa and her team, you get the best of both worlds; an accomplished nationwide investor and a dedicated local real estate agent with a strong love and understanding for the Smoky Mountains market. Reach out to our experienced team today to get started on the Smoky Mountains cabin or rental of your dreams – no matter where you live.

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