Those looking for a path to retirement, an investment they can see and feel, and certainly those that already love the Smoky Mountains have been investing in Smoky Mountain cabins for generations. For those unsure about whether or not to pull the trigger on real estate investing, we’ll share with you some of the reasons as to why the Smokies may be your best bet.

Smoky Mountain Tourism Profits

Real Money

The Great Smoky Mountains National Park brings more than 12 million tourists each year, which makes it the most visited national park in the country. The money spent in the region is very real money. It is estimated by the National Park Service that these visitors spend in the range of around 953 million dollars in the Smoky Mountains region, primarily in the Gatlinburg area. Much of this money (over 30 percent)is spent in the form of cabin and room rental fees, making the total rental property amount some 285 million dollars. Adding to this incredible sum is the fact that the National Park Service’s figures do not include tourism directly related to the Gatlinburg region as an isolated tourist destination, which makes the number higher still for homes in that region.

Business As Usual

Beyond the impact that we have seen in recent years, the trend for spending near National Parks can be traced back for many years, and has even shown to be more recession-proof than other forms of investment. While buying an investment property in the Smoky Mountain region can come with a high price tag, it is important to overcome the sticker shock and remember that the initial investment will hold value while generating a robust rental income.

Added Benefits

Beyond the dollars and cents that investment property owners enjoy in the Smoky Mountains region, there is also the added appeal of being a property owner in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Of course, the largest benefit to property ownership here is the ability to use the home as a vacation spot for family and friends, saving thousands on what could be an otherwise pricey trip. With boundless attractions in the Smokies ranging from hiking to Dollywood day trips, the ownership benefits to Smoky Mountain investment properties compare quite well to less exciting on-paper investments.

Year-Round Appeal

There is a reason that the Smoky Mountains generates more tourism money than any other National Park, even Yosemite and the Grand Canyon; the Smokies are great to visit year round. The transformative effects of this captivating region, coupled with a generally friendly climate, allows for various tourist activities nearly every day of the year.

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